LPM was founded in 1989, thanks to the vision and expertise of Orlando Proietti and Clemente De Nunzio, who had developed their skills and professionalism at MU.PI. Giocattoli, the renowned toy company in Florence. Over the years, our scope of operations has progressively expanded into various product sectors, including equipment for diving, components for motorbike helmets, articles for medical and military applications, all designed to meet diverse technical requirements.

Today, LPM proudly serves as a supplier to some of the most prestigious European and global brands in the sports equipment and military sectors, with direct exports to Europe and Asia.

Within our production department, we utilize 13 modern injection molding machines, such as Negri Bossi and Arburg, equipped with state-ofthe-art digital control systems to ensure highly precise molding and closure strengths ranging from 400 to 3700 kN.
These machines allow us to craft plastic items weighing approximately 0.8 kg. Our unwavering focus on the use of high-performance technopolymers and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, combined with the expertise of our dedicated staff, ensures that we consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

LPM excels in offering personalized solutions with maximum efficiency, both in terms of cost-effectiveness and timely delivery. We have the capability to oversee the entire process of creating a plastic item, from conceptual drawings and prototypes to the construction of injection molds, molding, and, if necessary, assembly and packaging, all tailored to specific requirements.

In addition, LPM collaborates closely with the Department of Chemical and Material Engineering at the University of Pisa, providing comprehensive mold and materials testing services to further enhance our commitment to quality and innovation.

LPM is a UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified company