LPM was foundin 1989 thanks to Orlando Proietti’s and Clemente De Nunzio’s will to carry out competences and professionalism developed inside MU.PI. Giocattoli, the famous toys company of Florence. Year by year our range of action is progressively widening towards several product sectors such as equipments for underwater activity, components for crash helmets, articles for medical use and military supplies, meeting different technical requirements.

Today LPM is supplier of some among the most famous European and world brands in branches such as sport equipment and military sector.

In the production department there are 13 modern injection presses Negri Bossi and Arburg, that are oil-pressure and electric, with completely digital control as a guarantee for highly precise moulding and with closure strenghts between 400 and 3700 KN.

It deals with the skill to make plastic items of about 0,8 Kg. The constant attention turned to the use of high performance technopolymers and to the adoption of technologies along with art and professionalism of our staff allows us to be up to the customer’s expectations.

LPM can offer personalized solutions with the greatest efficiency in terms of both costs and time, according to the realization project of a plastic item end-to-end: carrying out drawings and prototypes, construction of the injection mould, moulding and possible following assembly and packaging in accordance with the specific requirements.

Besides LPM collaborates with the Department of chemical and material Engineering of Pisa University, which we offer a service of moulds and materials testing to.